The arms are constantly in use - to help us get around, to reach out and touch, pick up and hold onto anything and anyone. They are used in work and play, in taking care of others and ourselves and, generally, as an extension of ourselves. Therefore, a problem occurring in the arm can affect one or many of these functions.


Pain in the arms signals that you feel you are no longer useful and you doubt your capacities. Or it could be that you have difficulty holding someone close to you. You may be feeling some guilt surrounding this issue. You should take a close look at why you can't take a loved one in your arms. What could happen?

Which arm is causing you pain? Be aware that the right arm signifies giving and the left, receiving or acquiring. Perhaps you don't feel worthy of being someone's right arm?

It may be that you feel you have all that you need to embrace a new situation but you've been influenced by others or by your thoughts and you're preventing yourself from grasping the situation fully.

Since the arms are an extension of the heart region, they are used to express love. Rather than feeling the weight of obligation, embrace the person or opportunity with open arms, as this is the natural reaction of the heart. It is not by chance that the arms were placed at this precise spot on the body.


If you doubt your ability or your usefulness, realize that this mindset is the result of listening to a little voice in your head that is bred by the ego. Trust that the Universe only gives you what you can handle and that you will reach your goals with a quiet confidence and capability. Discard painful ways of thinking and energize yourself by embracing your life fully.

If, for example, you are afraid of being someone's "right arm," examine your fears and determine if they are really justified. Doubt and fear are your only obstacles to reaching out and touching your goals. If you would observe someone like you, what are the traits you would admire? Admire them in yourself and you will discover you are energized far more than when you are filled with self-doubt.

If you find it difficult to show affection and there is a resulting ache or pain in your arms, your body is giving you a signal to reach out and demonstrate how you really feel. This doesn't mean you always have to but give yourself the right to change your way of expressing love to others. It is not your nature to be a cold, unfeeling person.

Learn to be happy

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