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Johanne Gervais

Johanne Gervais20-06-2014.jpg

Tel: +1-819 593-2143
(Gatineau, QC CANADA)


Skype : johanne.gervais

Johanne is actively pursuing a career in commercial property management since 1989. In 2006 she obtained her certification as a Personal Growth Counselor and Speaker and in 2007 her certification in Specialized Counselling.

In her early twenties she was a volunteer counselor with pre-teens and teens.  She also volunteered for 15 years at the Paliative Care Unit of her local hospital.

Johanne began her Personnal Growth Program with Listen to your body in 2002. After getting her diploma, she opened her practice and in 2009 joined the Personnal Growth Counselor team with Listen to your body. She was also a facilitator for the Listen to your body mini workshops.

Her goal is to help others reach their highest aspirations by transcending their fears, while respecting each individual’s limits.


(Spoken languages: French and English)

Olivia Maucorps

Olivia Maucorps.jpg

Tel : + 06 17 94 63 72
FRANCE : Toulouse / Région Occitanie



Skype : oliviamaucorps

Daughter of an English mother and a French father, Olivia worked for about fifteen years as a flight attendant on short and long distance flights. After being prevented from flying due to health reasons, she had to find a new career.


She discovered « Listen To Your Body » while getting to know herself better during this search. Soon, she realised that what she really wanted to do was to share her life experiences and transmitting everything she learned that helped her cope with the major changes in her life.


During her training with « Listen to Your Body », she also obtained a Master’s degree in « Caycedien Sophrology ».


Since 2012, she is qualified as a Listen To Your Body counselor and teacher and she works fulltime at this,  namely giving the « Listen To your Body » mini-workshops and workshops of her own. She puts  her whole heart into accompanying anyone who wishes to find greater well-being, particularly during times of stressful changes of a private or professional nature.


(Spoken languages: French and English)

Diane Provencher


Tel: +1-514 668-7639
(Laval, QC CANADA)


Skype : dianeprovenchernd

Diane has been working in the field of personal growth for more than 10 years. Previously, she worked in advertising for one of the biggest Canadian companies for 24 years. At that time, an inner discomfort was being felt and it became her quest to get to the bottom of it. That’s when she became interested in the deep nature of the human being.Driven by her new growing interest, she took many training courses, the most important of which was her training at the Listen to your body school.


Graduated since 1999 as a support and group leader, she has since held various roles at the school, including those of counselor, supervisor, evaluator and moderator on the school's Facebook pages.


My new quest is to help as many people as I can to get to the bottom of their discomfort.


(Spoken languages: French and English)

Sachiko Yoshida


Tel: +32 2 675 51 32
(Belgium, Brussels)


Skype : satchikoyoshida



Between 60$/€ and  90$/€  an hour


The price / currency will be determined by country of residence of the customer.

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