Interviews with Lise Bourbeau


Liseradio001.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview with Hannah Shears and Marlene Chapman about body signs on the AND NOW WE TALK radio show.
Windpferd.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast Windpferd, Wow ich bin Gott und du auch interview mit Lise Bourbeau, March 2022.
Heiter Sonnig.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast Heiter Bis Sonnig hosted by Nadine Gerhardt, Die fünf Wunden der Seele ⊹ Lise Bourbeau, April 2021.
podcast 100% inspiration .png Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast 100% Inspiration hosted by Thijs Lindhout, episode 224 : Heal your wounds and find your true self - Lise Bourbeau, March 2021.
Podcast your expansive self.jpg Lise Bourbeau's interview for the podcast Your Expansive Self hosted by Tasha Kredl, episode 44: Healing Your 5 Wounds with Author & Teacher Lise bourbeau, January 2021.
Capture Enthusiast_Dec2020.JPG Interview with Lise Bourbeau on "Healing the five wounds" conducted by Siana Kolibarova from the Bulgarian Publishing House Enthusiast, December 2020.
evita-ochel.jpg July 19th 2017 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings regarding her book EGO
Capture.JPG How can we use our fears to better ourselves. Article in the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS REVIEW.
evita-ochel.jpg April 7th 2016 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Evita Ochel from Evolving Beings regarding her book Cancer - A book of hope.
miriam-knight.jpg March 30th 2016 - Lise Bourbeau's radio interview with Miriam Knight from New Consciousness Review regarding her book Cancer - A book of hope.
riseup.png December 2015 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Nada Lena for Rise up for you.
big-tvr1-revine-in-moldova.jpg November 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Ligia Munteanu, journalist for TVR1.
 AndreeaPapp.JPG November 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Andreea Papp for Stilul Tau.
Toni Reilly.JPG September 2014 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Tony Reilly, Australia
 evita-ochel.jpg July 2014 - EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with featured guest Lise Bourbeau in a dialogue about the mind-body connection with respect to health and disease.
DigiWorld.JPG October 2013 - Lise Bourbeau's interview with Ina Ilie made in Romania with english subtitles for Digiworld.

March 2012 - Listen to a live radio interview that was held at CKCU-FM Ottawa (93.1) - the Namaste Radio program.

-Lilou_Mace_Sept_2015.png-.png June 2010 - Interview with Lilou Mace on web tv


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