The stomach is one of the most important organs of digestion. Stomach acid breaks down ingested food and liquefies it so that its nutrients can be assimilated by the body. Some gastrointestinal disorders involving the stomach include INDIGESTION, VOMITING, STOMACH ULCER, HEARTBURN, GASTRITIS, HEMORRHAGE, and CANCER. Refer to your specific problem in this book and read the following paragraphs.


All stomach disorders are the manifestation of a failure or refusal to "stomach" a person or situation you fear or cannot tolerate. You resist new ideas, especially those of others. It is also difficult for you to deal with someone or something that contradicts your plans, habits or way of doing things. You criticize easily (inwardly) and this prevents you from letting go.


Your stomach is telling you to let go and allow things to unfold as they should. Accept that you cannot control others and stop resisting their ideas. Rather than wallowing in a sense of powerlessness because you can't manipulate the people and situations around you, use your energies to create the life you want. Become more aware of your power to change your own life and have confidence in others to do the same. In doing so, you will understand that your body also knows what it is capable of and you will allow your stomach to do the job it was meant to do. It is not necessary for you to instruct your body - it knows how to digest your food. The same holds true for your friends and family; they each have their own agenda and their own perspective on life. Note that the stomach is situated in close proximity to the heart. A heart that is lovingly accepting of others and of their differences will have a calming affect on the stomach, in turn facilitating healthy digestion, On the other hand, thoughts such as "it's not's wrong...what an idiot" and so on will block your spiritual growth, as your stomach blocks the digestion of your food. By becoming more tolerant of others and going with the flow, you will become more physically tolerant of the foods you ingest.

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