Past newsletters

  • March 2021  What do you seek in a partner?
  • January 2021 Difference between a resolution and a decision
  • December 2020 Dare to imagine
  • November 2020 Discover an aspect of yourself
  • October 2020 Having power over others
  • September 2020 Each of us is playing the victim
  • August 2020 Your intuition is only for yourself
  • July 2020 Are you being realistic?
  • June 2020 Getting to know yourself
  • Spring 2020 Mini online course to manage any physical problem - only 10$
  • Autumn 2014 Many people still believe that intelligence originates with the "mental body"
  • Summer 2014 Do you know why you need to accept the negative aspect of any frame of mind?
  • Spring 2014 Can you tell the difference between negotiation and manipulation?
  • Winter 2014 Did you know that when you say "I MUST...'' or ''I HAVE TO".. it's because you have an unfulfilled need or desire?
  • Fall 2013 Did you know that others are your reflection?
  • Summer 2013 Did you know that your soulmate is within you?
  • Spring 2013: Fighting can't right a wrong.
  • Winter 2013: What's the difference between being sympathetic and being compassionate and why is it so important?
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