Tinnitus is a ringing, whistling or buzzing inside the ear that is not audible to anyone else. The sounds are not a hallucination, but are directly linked to one's center of balance.


Tinnitus occurs when there is too much noise going on in your mind. Have you allowed yourself to become so distracted with what is rattling around in your head that you are unable to hear what is really going on around you? Those suffering from tinnitus often feel a loss of balance and fear losing self-control. They are capable of hiding their fears and want to give the impression that they are well balanced. Tinnitus often occurs in people who berate themselves for not "walking their talk" or "practicing what they preach."


It is imperative that you realize that you are confused between your intellect and your intuition. What you believe to be your intuition is merely a trick being played on you by your ego. You want so much to present yourself as courageous and well balanced that you fool yourself into thinking you are in control, rather than trusting enough to surrender to your intuitive self. Instead, you lose your balance, tripping through the cacophony of your tangled thoughts. Allow yourself to listen to criticism about yourself, knowing you have the freedom to do with them as you wish.

Make a conscious effort to listen to what is coming from outside, even the opinions of others, so that you can make informed decisions and communicate effectively. Remember, you don't always have to practice what you preach, but if you want to, you'll find a way that will suit you.

Learn to be happy

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