Professional training

Do you want to become a personal growth counselor or teacher? Are you looking for an efficient and comprehensive training that will provide the necessary tools to realize your dream? We can help you!

Lise Bourbeau founded the Listen To Your Body School in Québec in 1982. Through      50 years of experience in the growing field of personal development, she has learned to identify the personal and professional requirements for a successful and fulfilling career in counseling.


She also recognizes and will teach you to overcome the main obstacles to success. The wisdom and knowledge Lise Bourbeau has acquired through years of research will be passed on to you throughout this powerful training.

Our professional training program, based on the three phases mentioned below, provides a solid structure that enables you to easily assimilate the teachings and put them into practice at once in your day-to-day life. Our training program has been designed and structured to establish your career on solid ground and enable you to provide a highly effective professional service.

You will have an abundance of tools to help yourself and others!

We are an educational institution that has been certified by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).

Prerequisite: BE IN HARMONY workshop. Click here to know when this workshop will be held.

Phase 1 - Be In Touch With Your Inner Self (9 workshops)

Price: 2925$CA + taxes where applicable (2-day workshop)

Phase 2 - Be In Touch With Others (9 workshops)

Price: 2925$CA + taxes where applicable (2-day workshop)

Canadians can deduct the workshop fees
of our training from their income tax

Phase 3 - Be A Personal Growth Trainer (final workshop)



This training is for you if you want to:

  • become a personal growth teacher or speaker
  • learn to express yourself in public
  • understand your fear of speaking in public and get through it
  • become aware of your capacity to listen
  • work on yourself throughout the process

The following subjects will be taught:

  • How to captivate your audience and hold their interest
  • Learn about yourself through the way you teach
  • How to create/write a conference or workshop
  • How to gain confidence in your speaking skills
  • How to answer any kind of question
  • Deepen your knowledge on the Listen To Your Body teachings
  • How to organize and give a workshop

9 days from 9AM to 7PM
CA$1,495 + taxes where applicable
Limt: 18 participants


This training is for you if you want to:

  • become a counselor
  • learn techniques based on our philosophy
  • learn to find the real problem
  • work on yourself in order to help others do the same
  • help a person with any kind of problem
  • develop your intuition

The following subjects will be taught:

  • Intuitive counseling (simple, effective & fast approach)
  • Regression (go into the past in order to work on the present)
  • The "let go" technique
  • Inner dialogue
  • How to recognize the client's real need
  • How to open your own counseling office
  • How to cope with situations that may arise with clients (co-dependency, sexuality, etc.)

7 days from 9AM to 7PM
CA$1350 + taxes where applicable
Limt: 20 participants

Additional details

Toward the end of the first phase, you can decide if you want to continue on to the next. In other words, registering for the first phase doesn't automatically mean that you will continue with Phases 2 and 3. You may also take any one or more of the workshops if you are unable to register for the full training. There are 18 workshops to choose from. All training students will receive additional written notes and written exercises to do after each workshop (and if in Canada, a binder and Lise Bourbeau's 3 books will also be included).

This training program is intended for those who want to create their own workshop to teach the Listen to Your Body techniques or become a counselor using those same techniques. It is also designed to help you make gradual but long-lasting changes in your own life. Once these techniques are learned and the transformations have begun, you will be able to help others better their lives. As you can see, your goal can be to become a teacher, a counselor or simply to better yourself.

After you take the workshops included in the training, you have the option of completing the suggested exercises and having a one-hour personal telephone session with one of our counselors at a cost of CA$50/each, payable directly to the counselor. These sessions help you integrate what you learn in each workshop with what you're going through in your day-to-day life.

There are no 2009 dates for our training program. If you are interested in this program, let us know by filling out the registration form (click below to register).


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