What others think of you

Are you one of those people who, if you dare to be yourself, are often afraid of what others think? Do you prevent yourself from saying, doing or deciding something, thinking that someone else will disagree? If so, that means that your reputation is more important to you than your happiness.

What others think of you is actually none of your business!

Don't you realize that you have no control over what others may think of you? They will always have control on their perception of you and you can’t change that.

When you are influenced by what others think of you, you're just putting aside your happiness and handing your power over to them.

It's impossible to please everyone and to agree with them on every subject. Therefore, we must learn to accept that there will always be someone who has a different opinion from ours.

This realization will help you accept that you don't have to agree with others just as they don’t have to agree with you either and that your judgment of them should not influence them. It's not because you disagree with a person that they should have to change.

You'll know that your reputation no longer controls your life when you won't try to change yourself if someone doesn't agree with you. You will continue to be and do what you want and accept that others have the right to disagree.

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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