An opportunity to get to know yourself

When you are giving advice to someone or when you’re upset by another’s behaviour, you are presented with a great opportunity to get to know yourself!

In fact, when you give advice to someone who didn’t ask for it, you’re actually giving it to yourself. You don’t know it, but the advice you are offering is most needed by YOU. For example, if you advise someone to save his money and be more careful with his spending,  it’s you, in reality, that needs this counsel.

If, on the other hand, you’re disturbed or upset by the way a person manages his money and you find that person unreasonable, that helps you see that you don’t accept the part of you that is unreasonable (or wants to be!). That usually implies that you bear a grudge against one of your parents (usually the parent of the same sex as you) for mismanaging his or her money.

When you discover that you don’t accept a part of you, it also means that you don’t accept the opposite part of you. In the example above, that would mean that you don’t accept being unreasonable with money and you also don’t accept being reasonable. You can’t be at peace in either situation.

You’ll know that you accept your attitude towards money when you are comfortable with being one or the other.

I suggest you read this article again, but with a personal example. Have fun with it!

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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