Many people still believe that intelligence originates with the “mental body”

I want to take the opportunity in this article to clearly describe the difference between intelligence and intellect. 

An intelligent person takes the time to verify whether their decisions are meeting their needs adequately and whether the consequences will be positive for them. When they feel there could be negative consequences, even harmful ones, they make sure they will be able to deal with them. And especially, they do not let those around them make their decisions for them. 

The intelligent person also ensures that what they do, say, wish, think or decide is useful to them and they find simple ways to meet their goals. The more you aim for simplicity, the more your intelligence guides you. If you complicate your life and your ways of behaving, this indicates that it is your intellect that is in charge. 

Intelligence does not come from the mental body. It exists only in the present moment. 

The intellect, also called the lower mental body, helps us memorize, organize, plan, analyze, etc. It is therefore based on what has been learned in the past. Our beliefs are created by our intellect and our ego is the sum of all our beliefs. 

A person who insists on approaching everything intellectually is primarily interested is what is learned. They seek to obtain diplomas and degrees, take pride in accumulating knowledge and have an aptitude for memorization. They do not necessarily stop to ask themselves how useful their knowledge is and especially do not reflect on whether it is spiritually useful. An intelligent person, on the other hand, seeking to acquire new knowledge, will do so especially to simplify or improve their quality of life. Their intellect is at the service of their intelligence. 

A person who insists on approaching everything intellectually allows their memory or their ego to manage all the decisions of their life. They function mainly in terms of good and bad, right and wrong, supposed to and not supposed to. When they act this way, they are not listening to their needs, but rather to their beliefs based on their family upbringing, religious and educational training and social conditioning. In doing so, they feed their fear of not doing the right thing, thus feeding their ego. Alas, their life becomes a vicious circle. The greater the fear, the larger the ego becomes, the more it takes on importance and the more it takes charge by instilling fear of the consequences if they don’t live their life according to their belief system. 

The Age of Aquarius is the age of intelligence. This is why it is increasingly difficult for all of us to feel comfortable with ourselves when we do not behave intelligently. One could compare the flow of intelligence to the flow of a river. The further we enter into the Age of Aquarius, the stronger and faster the flow. Those who are going against the current tire quickly and experience ever-growing problems. This explains why, despite the great medical advances of our time, the incidence of cancer, heart problems, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, allergies and so forth is reaching epidemic proportions. Likewise, divorce rates, the prevalence of relationship problems, violence and murder are all on the rise, even though psychological help has been available for many years now. 

We are currently living in a time where everything is accelerated and intensified. This explains why a person who entertains fears sees them multiply rapidly. This is true for any emotion or any other feeling, whether positive or negative. For example, if you decide to live in love, faith and responsibility, this way of living can be learned much more quickly than previously. In just one or two years, your life can change completely. It is not so long ago that it would have taken you twenty years to achieve the same result. 

So, then, why not choose right now to live intelligently? You have everything to gain. However, remember that only you can decide. If you are waiting for someone or something else to change before you decide, nothing in your life will be transformed. 

With love, 

Lise Bourbeau

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