Discover an aspect of yourself through any problem

Thanks to our "negative" experiences, we can discover so many things about ourselves! Let me show you step by step how to discover your blocked desires and your fears and what to do with this knowledge.

Take the example of someone who always has a lot of energy to perform his day-to-day duties. He doesn't take the time to ask himself why he has all this energy. He takes it for granted. He can sometimes notice that others have less energy, but this still doesn't help him know why he has so much of it. Life goes on like this and he gives it no further thought.

Then one day, his energy begins to decrease and he realises several months later that he finds it hard to finish his work days. With his energy drained, he has more and more difficulty starting his day until he has lost all desire to do anything at all.

He ends up asking questions like these: What's happening to me? Why am I so tired at the end of a normal work day? If he believes for example that this lack of energy is due to the new boss who is more demanding, he will never find the answer. There are unfortunately too many people who always find an external cause to their problems.

On the other hand, the moment he decides that he wants to discover the inner cause (physical, emotional and mental causes) of his problem, he will be on the right track and answers will come more easily from any source (book, friend, etc.).

To uncover the emotional and mental causes, here are great questions to ask himself:

  1. What does this lack of energy prevent me from having or doing?” It must be something that is dear to him. It can be "going out" or "working with more joy and intensity" or "being happy with his family when he comes back from work".
  2. All the answers correspond to his blocked desires. 
  3. He must then ask himself “What do I fear if those desires become reality?” He will then unearth a fear that has always resided in him, but was unconscious. There is always a fear that lurks behind every unfulfilled desire. And there are always unfulfilled desires behind every problem.

Therefore, thanks to his lack of energy, he has just discovered a fear in him that has influenced him for a long time without him being aware of it. This is true for all problems whether physical, emotional or mental. We attract them to help us understand life lessons that we were not able to recognise any other way.

The next step is to simply accept that he is human, that he has fears. We all have them. The key to transformation is acceptance. It seems so easy but people tend to skip over this important step and look for actions to take in order to change their problem. It takes much longer that way. If we accept what we discover of ourselves, transformation WILL come naturally.

We all have the same goal: to become aware of all that resides in us, all that prevents us from living a life filled with happiness and harmony.

Here's some good news: The more we become aware of our fears that attract so-called “negative” experiences, the more we are capable of preventing other such experiences that may prove more tragic.

Lise Bourbeau

Learn to be happy

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