Difference between a resolution and a decision

At the beginning of a New Year, we are strongly encouraged to make resolutions. Did you notice, however, that those good resolutions don't last long? In fact, very few of us can say we held on to our resolutions all year long. Why? Because our resolutions are often based on fear instead of on self-love.

I suggest, therefore, you write down all that you want for this year. Next, discover what motivates these desires. Is it fear of something or someone or is it out of love for yourself?

What motivates you must come from the heart. That implies that you thought about the pleasant consequences for yourself when achieving your goal. It's based on the love you have for yourself and not on a desire to be loved by another or to prevent something bad from happening.

Also, take the time to feel the difference between saying "This year I will do what it takes to make my life simpler and I will be more tolerant with myself and others" and saying "My New Year’s resolution is to try to make my life simpler and I would love to be more tolerant with myself and others."

In the resolution, we understand "I WOULD LIKE to … and HOPE that I achieve it," while in a decision, we feel more force behind what we want. We claim it. A resolution originates more from our desires while a decision comes from our will.

To help you with your New Year’s decision, find concrete ways to achieve your goal and write them down. I suggest you read them once in a while to keep you on track and don't forget to congratulate yourself for any progress. And why not write all improvements in your life thanks to that decision and read that too. Be thankful and your progress will be greater.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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