It is not recommended to ask for help from our recently deceased loved ones

A great many people tell me how much they are inclined to ask for help from family members or friends who have died. Just last week, a woman was telling me about her friend who had died and to whom she spoke every day, very often asking her for help. When I asked her how long ago her friend had departed, and she answered that it had been fifteen years, I could not help but show my surprise.

clip_image002_227.jpgIt is important to accept the fact that once a soul has left this earth, it has finished what it needed to do in its earthly body and in this environment. It returns to the world of the soul to join its family of souls and find its spiritual guide, who will help it take stock of what it has learned in this past life. Then it is helped to recognize what still remains for it to accomplish and learn, in order to attain inner peace and complete harmony. When that soul is ready to return, it will choose another body and another environment in which to continue the work it needs to do.

The periods between each life may be compared to the school vacations that children need. Every life is a return to the school of earthly life. If a student has not done or learned what they were supposed to during a given school year, they need to repeat the year before they can continue in the program. The same thing applies to the needs of our soul as it travels on its journey.

Every soul seeks to achieve union with its spirit, that is, to achieve unconditional love of self. We all share this same purpose in life. A soul therefore needs to return as a different person, in order to have experiences enabling it to accept itself. This is why we come back into an environment where there are people who disturb us, who will draw our attention to whatever we do not accept in ourselves.

When we return to the world of the soul, it is to find out what our soul needs in order to reach its goal. Unfortunately we cannot experience in the world of the soul what we discover there. This can only be done on planet earth. What prevents us from learning quickly, obliging us to come back to this earth many times over, is THE POWER WE GIVE TO OUR EGO. The greatest task facing all of us is to become conscious of the power of our ego and then to learn to dwell in our heart rather than in our head.

If you talk to your deceased loved ones or ask favours of them, you are preventing them from doing their work in the realm of the soul. It is exactly the same as going to speak to, or going to ask help from, a colleague at work. You would be disturbing them and holding them back from their work.

What is odd is that a lot of people ask help from deceased individuals who wouldn't have known how to help them when they were alive. For instance, how would a person who was unable to manage their own life and who always had health and money problems as well as low self-esteem, be able to help others when they hadn't yet figured out how to help themselves? For its part, the soul in the other world, having thought itself responsible for the happiness of others when it lived on earth, is going to feel very guilty about not being able to help when a friend or family member seeks its help.

Furthermore, if you believe it is outside help that will let you solve your problem, you are losing touch with your own inner power and you are giving too much power to others.

We all have a guardian angel (spiritual guide) assigned to us at birth and this guide often seeks help from other guides for certain areas requiring specialized knowledge. Therefore, when you are convinced you cannot handle things all on your own or feel that there is no one in your circle who can help you, you can ask for help from beyond. A true guide will never give a definitive answer. A true guide will help you find your own answers - as any guide here on earth should do.

The greatest favour and the best act of love you can offer someone close to you who has died is to see them bathed in their light - to assist them in finding their guide as soon as possible - rather than holding them back with your requests. This will help them realize they have completed what they had to do in their past life and it will encourage them to feel at home in the world of the soul. In reality, when we leave this earth, we will return to our true HOME. Planet earth can be compared to a school and the realm of the soul to our family home.

With love,

Lise Bourbeau

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